Salt Lake City, Utah — A few years after a much-maligned rebrand, the Utah Jazz are changing their jerseys.

Yesterday, the NBA’s Utah Jazz announced a rebrand that focuses on Salt Lake City’s superstar: the Wasatch Mountains. The rebrand is a throwback to the late 1990s and early 2000s era of Jazz basketball when the mountains were center stage on their jerseys.

Ryan Smith, who’s the Governor of the Utah Jazz and owner of the new Utah Hockey Club, said the following to ESPN about their new colors:

“We know the purple pops. It’s how a lot of people know us. It’s not simple because you have a couple other teams that have a couple other variations of purple. Making this our own has been what we’ve been working on.”

The Jazz’s current set of jerseys was based on a 2022 rebrand that aimed to highlight Utah as the Beehive State. However, most people hated them, so the Jazz took note and shifted to the much more loved mountain theme.

However, the jerseys will have varied. The two yellow and black jerseys will remain in place for the 2024-25 jersey, with the city edition jerseys being the primary purple. At the beginning of 2025, the Jazz will debut the black, white, and purple mountain Statement Edition jersey.

Thank Mormon god, the all-yellow jerseys are gone. Those things were brutal.

The 2025-26 season will officially begin the purple, black, and white era. Their city edition for that season has yet to be announced.

To commemorate their new mountain theme, the Utah Jazz will host a pop-up shop at Snowbird. The shop will be situated at the Snowbird Center on June 8th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Image/Video Credits: Utah Jazz

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