Deer Valley's proposed Snow Park Village renovations.

DEER VALLEY, Utah – Deer Valley’s Snow Park base could look quite different in the future, with current plans aiming to move the existing road and parking lots underground to create more space for development.

Deer Valley presented a rendering of the fully built-out base at an open house on Monday, June 3. According to KPCW, a new ski-in ski-out village with hotels, restaurants, and event spaces would fill the land.

We’ve been really working hard to figure out how do you do a project that’s that large, but have it feel really small, have it feel intimate. Really looking to kind of the scale of European villages in terms of how those places feel like they’re pedestrian scale, the automobile usually isn’t really present. There’s a great kind of discovery that takes place as you walk through the village.” – Skylab Architecture’s Jeff Jeff Kovel

The changes would also include a new skier services building, an expansion to the existing Snow Pack Lodge, and an extra mobility lane along Deer Valley Drive in the village. The extra lane would be used as a bus lane in the winter months and a bike lane in the summer months.

The resort’s current goal is to break ground on the project next spring, but government approval is still needed.

Deer Valley’s proposed Snow Park Village renovations.

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