A young white shark was potentially involved in a Del Mar attack on Sunday. Credit: Alex Steyn on Unsplash

SAN DIEGO, California – A 46-year-old man sustained multiple shark bites while swimming of the off the Del Mar shorefront in California, on Sunday, June 2. According to CNN, the man was quickly transported to a trauma center and did require surgery.

The shark attack occurred just around 100 yards off the shore in front of lifeguard headquarters. Chief lifeguard for the city John Edelbrock told CNN that the man was in a group of experienced swimmers who frequent the area. The mid-section of his body was bitten, and he suffered multiple arm and hand injuries.

Fortunately fellow swimmers were able to get him out of the water, where lifeguards began attending to the wounds before transportation to a hospital. A two-mile section of the beach was closed for 48 hours following the incident.

California State University Long Beach’s Shark Lab took water samples and wet suit samples in an effort to determine what type of shark attacked. Shark Lab Director Chris Lowe believes it was a juvenile white shark.

Sharks are known to avoid people, but every once in a while, they make mistakes. It’s possible the shark involved this incident was literally just passing through and hadn’t had a chance to encounter people.” – Chris Lowe

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