Closed since 2000, Maple Valley in Dummerston, Vermont remains stuck in the past. The lodge and lifts remain standing, while the trails have begun to grow in with various flora. A new owner intends to change that, but for now, it remains abandoned.

In November, YouTuber J-MASS traveled to Maple Valley to check out the abandoned Vermont ski resort. In the video below, he checks out the exterior of the base lodge, the lifts, and some of the terrain. One of the coolest sightings was an ad for their reopening during the 1999-2000 season, which was unfortunately a short-lived revival.

While the site currently looks depressing, it sounds like things may change there soon. For the past couple of years, the new owner of the land, Sugar Mountain Holdings, has been planning to convert the current base lodge into a brewery and event center.

After years of legal wrestling with the State of Vermont’s Act 250 Commission and a NIMBY neighbor over silly issues, the final lawsuit against the plans was dismissed last month. While the current owner still wants to press forward with their plans, it will take some “reimagining” due to the prohibitive costs of the legal battles. Here’s what Keane Aures, who’s the spokesman for the ownership group, told the Brattleboro Reformer about the status of the project:

It’s going to need a little creativity and stepping outside the current plan to make it work.”

This year, Keane Aures bought the Whetstone Beer Company, which could help produce funds to begin work on the brewery project at Maple Valley. Click here for the latest developments regarding the brewery plans.

Image/Video Credits: J-MASS

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