Ski Lift Designs' incredible Gondola. Credit: Ski Lift Designs

Looking to add some nice decor to your living room? Maybe you just grabbed a new apartment, and you need some furniture. Or maybe a funky new work space?

Ski Lift Designs sells a whole host of authentic, refurbished ski lifts from around North America, but this incredible Breckenridge Gondola might be our favorite piece.

This incredible Gondola piece features working doors, a pedestal base, and a nice, faux-arm to create that authentic feel. Plus, custom wraps are available for the entire unit, and an internal table and lighting can be added for a work or dining experience.

The entire thing is 60″ by 80″ by 80″, and it weighs 600 pounds, so make sure you have the space (and a stable floor) before you hit purchase. It’s capacity, like many gondolas on resorts, is six people. Before any taxes, this guy starts at $25,000. While it’s obviously pretty expensive, it’s truly a one-of-a-kind decoration.

This is not the only gondola available through Ski Lift Designs, either. For $30,000 you can get your hands on a vintage Aspen gondola, and for $35,000 you could own a vintage Mammoth gondola.

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