Before we dive into the main content of this video, let’s take a moment to reflect on an intriguing aspect of human nature: why do some people often root for the wild animal when we see a video of it attacking a human? Is it because we feel the person deserved it for their actions? This seems to be a common reaction. There are countless videos of people getting too close to animals in the wild, and numerous social media accounts are dedicated to showcasing these encounters gone wrong. If you’re not already following “Tourons of Yellowstone,” be sure to check them out after watching this video.

“Tourons of Yellowstone” does an excellent job highlighting the foolish behavior of some national park visitors (hence the term “Touron”). Their goal is to educate people through these what-not-to-do videos, yet somehow, people continue to engage in increasingly reckless behavior. Most of the time, this involves someone trying to get closer to an animal for a better photo.

These scenarios are all too familiar: a person gets out of their car to approach an animal (ignoring the 25-yard buffer zone set by the National Park Service), the animal gets aggravated, and then it attacks. This is exactly what happened in the footage we’re about to show you, where a massive moose charged at a tourist attempting to take a picture. Hopefully, it was worth it for them…

The clip is shot from a safe distance (where the tourists should have stayed) and includes some commentary from someone inside a vehicle. Although it might not have been the most appropriate thing to say, as the moose charged at the man, one person can be heard in the background shouting:

“Tourons on the loose out in Round Prairie!👀

Try to keep 25 yards from the moose. These people went out there to try to get closer to them.”


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