Jim Carry in Copper Mountain

In “Copper Mountain,” a 1983 comedy film, Jim Carrey stars alongside Alan Thicke in one of his earliest film roles. The movie is set at the Club Med ski resort in Copper Mountain, Colorado, and serves as a showcase for the resort as much as it does for the talents of its leading actors. Jim Carrey plays Bobby Todd, a character whose primary goal is to find romance amid the picturesque winter scenery.

Carrey’s performance in “Copper Mountain” is marked by the energetic and quirky humor that would later define his career. Although the film itself received mixed reviews, Carrey’s natural comedic timing and physical comedy were evident even in this early work. His character Bobby Todd is a blend of naivety and exuberance, engaging in various comedic situations as he attempts to win the affections of women at the resort.

The plot of “Copper Mountain” is relatively thin, centering more on the antics of its characters than on a cohesive storyline. Much of the film’s content revolves around showcasing skiing and snowboarding sequences, which serve as a backdrop for the comedic exploits of Carrey and Thicke.

Despite its shortcomings, “Copper Mountain” holds a place in Jim Carrey’s filmography as a stepping stone that highlighted his potential as a comedic actor. This role, while not as prominent as his later ones, offered a glimpse into the unique brand of humor that Carrey would bring to Hollywood, setting the stage for his future successes in films like “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective,” “The Mask,” and “Dumb and Dumber.”

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