10th Mountain Division

COLORADO – It would be near impossible to talk about the history of skiing without mentioning the 10th Mountain Division, especially if we’re talking about skiing in Colorado.

Without the group, the state’s skiing scene could and would easily look different than it does today. Much of their mountain training took place in Colorado, with Camp Hale sitting as their original home base. This 27 minute documentary from Rocky Mountain PBS is a fantastic experience for learning about the group, Camp Hale, and the legacy they’ve created.

Built high in the Rockies, Camp Hale was the training grounds for the famed 10th Mountain Division in WWII. Their brave service is honored at what remains of Camp Hale. The site remains significant not only for preservation but for conservation and recreation. As veterans visit this hallowed site, we are reminded of the many legacies created by the men who trained at Camp Hale.

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