Can you spot the two hikers in need of a rescue in this picture? Credit: Alpine Rescue Team via Facebook

EVERGREEN, Colorado – Alpine Rescue Team, based out of Evergreen, Colorado, shared some pretty major important advice for hikers and climbers over the past few days, explaining the importance of being searchable.

It’s a pretty basic concept, but it’s not what that I’ve heard much about in the past. Essentially, Alpine Rescue Team encourages explorers of the outdoors to leave a trip plan with someone responsible, carry a whistle, light, and reflective materials, bring the necessary technology (phone, satellite messaging device, avalanche transceiver), and wear bright colors.

To illustrate their point, Alpine Rescue Team shared a series of photos from a recent rescue in Mt. Blue Sky Wilderness. The fist Facebook post showed the angle from the furthest view, where it’s even pretty difficult to spot the hikers when they’re circled.

A second post shares a more zoomed in image. Again, even when circled, it’s pretty hard to make out where the hikers are. This time, though, Alpine Rescue Team added some photoshopped bright colored clothing to the party, demonstrating how much easier a rescue could be if bright clothing was worn.

Finally the group shared an even further zoomed in image, with the party circled and wearing bright hats. So let this be a reminder to BE SEARCHABLE. It’s a very good lesson to be aware of, and some really great advice. If you were in need of rescue, you’d hope they could see you, right?

Oh, in case you’re still unable to find them, here’s a very heavily circled image of them from the featured image photo. Also, consider donating to Alpine Rescue Team or your local SAR. They literally save lives.

Two hikers in need of a rescue, circled. Credit: Alpine Rescue Team via Facebook

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