bear wakes up camper
bear wakes up camper

“Four friends and I were hiking in the cascade mountains at mount Rainer National park. We just finished our hike and I was using the bathroom and one of my buddies told me I better come to the tent campground as fast as I can. The bear was trying to get into the tent where the man was storing his food. But for some reason was also interested in his feet. Interested enough he took a nibble out of the man’s shoe.”

Chances are you won’t need coffee be wide awake after a midday nap if a bear nibbling on your shoe is what stirs you from your slumber. Great example of why you shouldn’t store even a scrap of food in your tent if you’re camping in bear country (that includes trash, clothes worn while cooking and even toiletries).

Find a handy bear safety infographic below by and stay safe out there this summer.

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