The Bear River is a working river, supplying water for agriculture and other community needs.

The Bear River winds its way through Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah, eventually connecting to the Great Salt Lake over 500 miles. Communities along the way use this river for irrigation, agriculture, and other needs, but the diversions necessary to create this working supply do heavy damage on the river’s native trout, the Bear River cutthroat. Trout Unlimited put together this film to discuss the work that’s been done by several agencies and organizations to help that species recover without ruining the river’s ability to help ranching communities.

A new film by Trout Unlimited, “Reviving the Bear,” tells the story of the decades of work by Trout Unlimited, the Western Native Trout Initiative, federal agencies and local partners in the Bear River watershed to help this unique native trout species recover, an effort undertaken while working closely with ranching communities on the river to ensure reliable—and often easier—access to the healthy water they need to thrive.

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