thredbo alpine coaster
thredbo alpine coaster

“Keen to be one of the first to ride it? The Alpine Coaster will officially open on June 8 – day one of our 2024 winter season!” -Thredbo

The Southern Hemisphere is getting its first alpine coaster and it looks badass. Thredbo Ski Resort in Australia is set to debut the new ride on June 8th. The alpine coaster will be open year round and will feature a 1.5km track where you can control your speed up to 40km/h while cruising through tunnels, across bridges and down spiraling circles.

The folks at Thredbo are just putting the finishing touches on the track with details on the top and bottom stations, fencing, site cleaning and revegetation. The opening is less than a month away….MORE INFO HERE.

Here’s a bit more on the project:

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