SNOWBIRD, Utah – Ross Tester is a beast on skis. When he was still on the Freeride World Tour, he was easily one of the most fun skiers to watch. Now he’s easily one of my favorite skiers to watch on YouTube.

He shared this video, title ‘2 Spring Tram Laps at Snowbird’, on Thursday, showing (you guessed it) his point of view while ripping out two spring laps off Snowbird’s tram. It’s near continuous, but he does cut for flats and for the tram rides. Honestly it’s just so sweet to see how these professional skiers navigate the terrain that we have access to with a simple lift ticket, rather than massive helicopter or sled lines.

Disclaimer: This video shows fast skiing and jumping in marked slow riding areas. I highly recommend against doing this because you can get your pass pulled. Or worse, hurt someone.

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