“This was only the biggest idiot. Hundreds of people were violating the minimum 50 yard distance required.”

It’s shocking the lengths people will go through to get pictures in the bizarre ear of social media we are currently living in. Sea lion aren’t typically dangerous but can bite if provoked (if you’re bitten seek medical attention immediately as ites can become infected with bacteria). Putting a child within striking distance just to get a picture is despicable behavior and this dumbass should be ashamed:

“Even after the sea lion made an aggressive move towards his child, he continued trying to get more photos. And I wasn’t kidding. As soon as he departed, another guy showed up for his own selfie. It’s frustrating how no one gets in trouble for these clear violations.

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration:

Keep your distance. The West Coast Marine Mammal Stranding Network encourages you to “Share the Shore” with California sea lions. Sea lions may use docks, breakwaters, buoys, and other man made structures on a daily basis to rest and regulate their body temperature. Please stay back 100 yards if possible, keep your dogs on a leash, and if the animal is injured call our hotline at 1-866-767-6114. The best thing you can do is to
leave the animal alone.

Can I feed, touch, or pick up a sea lion? NO. Sea lions (and all marine mammals) are protected by law under the Marine Mammal Protection Act. Federal marine mammal regulations prohibit harassing or capturing sea lions onshore to reduce human
disturbance of important life processes. Feeding sea lions in the wild is also prohibited and is considered harassment. What is harassment? It is when we disturb, injure, or interfere with its ability to hunt, feed, communicate, socialize, rest, breed, or care for its young. If you feed, touch, harass, pour water on or pick up a sea lion you may be investigated by NOAA’s Office of Law Enforcement for violating the marine mammal

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