Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah- When you think of places to experience a party at a ski area, you might not think of Utah for obvious reasons. And yet, the Frank World Ski Classic has become one of the signature spring skiing events.

On Alta’s closing day, the ski area is home to the Frank World Ski Classic. Created by Dusty Baldwin and Mike Trioli, the event involves participants wearing retro ski gear and competing on a mogul and jump course on Punk Rock, which is below the Wildcat chairlift. This is followed by a celebration on top of High Boy. The result is a day full of partying and hot dogs, many of which are raw.

As is tradition, The Daily Pow captured this year’s event, showing the best tricks from the competition. This year, even the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile showed up.

Video Description: “The much anticipated Frank competition landed on a sunny and beautiful spring day at Alta. The competitors as well as the audience were feeling fully Franked up. Frankfurters were grilled and chucked and hot dog skiers sent their best Frank tricks and lines and fun was had by all. There was Frank’s fair share of carnage, bloodied faces and hard back slaps, but we didn’t see anyone put into a toboggan this year so kudos to the Frank Gods. It was a very difficult competition to judge as the top 4 Frankers were so fully Franked up on Frank. But in the end the Frank World Champion was none other than Aaron Rae. Congratulations to everyone involved!! And cheers to another magical winter at Alta.”

Image/Video Credits: The Daily Pow, Alta Ski Area

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