Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah- Snowbird has many classic runs, including Gadzooks, Get Serious Chutes, Regulator Johnson, and Tiger Tail. For some people, their favorite run at Snowbird is Silver Fox.

Located just below the top terminal of Snowbird’s aerial tram, Silver Fox is a double black diamond trail. The .23-mile run is known for its chutes, moguls, and jumps. The trail also features a great deal of wind-buff snow, leading to some mint turns.

Ski Utah’s Signatures series examines the best runs in the state, which are explored in each video by a local athlete or ambassador. In this video, Ski Utah athlete Tommy Flitton explains why he loves Silver Fox and his favorite parts of the piste. Click here to see more of Ski Utah’s Signatures video series.

Image/Video Credits: Ski Utah/Pockets Independent in partnership with Visit Utah

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