At some resorts, spring skiing is celebrated with a pond skim. At Brighton Resort, they bring out the MEGABOX. Built out of a whole load of regular sized park boxes, the megabox is sure to rip apart your legs, make you fall hard on your butt, and spur a whole lot of conversation around the base of the resort. So the question must be asked, can you take on the megabox?


Back by popular demand, THE MEGABOX IS ALIVE 🤯 Do you have what it takes to conquer it? #brightonresort #snow #slc #fyp #foryou #foryoupage

♬ original sound – BrightonResort

If you’re thinking “that’s crazy, there’s no way anyone could do this”, stop kidding yourself. There are people hitting much crazier sh*t on skis and snowboards. In fact, we already know that somebody hit it, because Brighton shared the video!

I would like to see a skier or snowboarder ride the entire thing sideways, though. Let me be clear, I know that’s not something I could do. I’ve never been much of a park guy. But I want to see it done.

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