Sometimes it just feels like luck hates expensive things. Buy a nice house and a tree falls on it. Buy a nice computer and coffee spills on it. Buy a nice car, and some animal is going to poop on it. This guy in London, who got himself a nice Ferrari, must have pissed off some natural being, because a fox keeps pooping on his car. Fortunately he’s managed to capture the multiple moments on his doorbell camera, sharing the videos to his TikTok


This fox definitely doesn’t like Ferraris! Watch what he does next!!😩🤢 #ferrari #488gtb #fox

♬ original sound – Azid@Quidditygroup

The real question is why the hell doesn’t he cover it in some way? If you’re buying a Ferrari, I feel like you should be able to afford some sort of car cover, if not a garage….


WTF 4 days later Mr 🦊Fox comes back to tell me what he really thinks of my Ferrari! This definitely feels personal now!🤬🙄🥊🦊 #fox #ferrari #poo #foxhatesferrari #quiddditygroup #propertyinvesting #personal #shit #memes #funnyvideos #foxvideos #ferrarivideos #funnymoments #funnytiktok

♬ The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) – Ylvis

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