GRAND TARGHEE RESORT, Wyoming – There’s skiing, and then there’s skuggling. Like skiing, skuggling is done downhill on snow with two skis. Unlike skiing, skuggling is done while juggling. Currently the only skuggler we know of is the Teton Juggler, but it’s near impossible to believe that anyone could do it better than him.

Just being able to consistently juggle is impressive, but being able to do juggling tricks is a step up. I mean, think about it. How many people do you know that can land one pin on top of another and then proceed to balance it there? The Teton Juggler doesn’t just do juggling tricks while skiing, he does ski tricks while juggling. It truly is something else.

His newest video, the Teton Juggler takes on a pretty serious double black, throwing down a run you might see in a FWT Qualifier competition while still juggling. I can barely do the stuff he’s doing on skis. It’s nuts.

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Image Credit: Teton Juggler via TikTok

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