Waitsfield, Vermont- In response to warming winters, Mad River Glen is modifying its second most popular chairlift.

Recently, the Vermont ski area announced that they will be adding a mid-station to the Sunnyside Double Chairlift. This station will be at Kay’s Grove, a flat spot above the Birdcage Lodge and between the Lower Gazelle and Chipmunk/Lower Panther trails. The primary goal of this project is to give Mad River Glen the ability to operate the chairlift during low snow periods, as there are a couple of trails with snowmaking capabilities below Kay’s Grove (highlighted in the photo above). The other reason is to give beginner skiers easier access to the Birdland terrain pod.

In addition to the mid-station, Mad River Glen will replace the haul rope with a new one and upgrade the low voltage control systems to the Sunnyside Double chairlift. The total cost for the project is estimated to be $850,000, and the completion date is set for December of this year.

The Sunnyside Chairlift actually used to have a mid-station. However, the major difference was that it was used to load guests in order to bring them to the upper mountain. This new station will be used to unload guests at the mid-station.

After this addition, Mad River Glen will consider expanding snowmaking into the Birdland terrain pod or to more trails around the mid-station. With the new mid-station, beginners will be able to access Birdland easily. The Birdland Chair services beginner and intermediate terrain, so this mid-station could broaden the appeal of the mountain to novice skiers.

Image Credits: Mad River Glen

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