COLORADO – It may be April, but it’s about to feel quite a bit like February in the mountains of Colorado. A pretty major storm is headed in through tonight, with some mountains expecting quite a bit of snowfall.

The big winner from the storm looks like it’ll be Wolf Creek (no shocker there). OpenSnow is currently calling for 10″ at the Southern Colorado resort on Saturday. Up through the state, Telluride, Crested Butte, Aspen, Vail, and Steamboat may all receive a healthy dump, while the Front Range Resorts are predicted to receive a bit less, but still enough to make things fun.

I live in the Denver Metro Area, and I’m (obviously) a pretty big fan of sliding around on snow. News of more snow will almost never offend me. Sure, from time to time I wish things would warm up, but that’s why I live in the Denver area. Over the weekend, while the Front Range resorts are getting snow, Denver will stay fairly warm. And when next week swings around, highs in the 70s are expected in the city.

As a skier, there’s very little ways to complain about this kind of weather. While in might be February-like weather in the mountains, it’ll be April-like weather down here. And, when it’s April-like spring skiing weather up there, it’ll be summer-like biking weather down here. It really is a win-win.

(If only it was summer down here all the time and winter up there all the time)

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Image Credit: Vail via Facebook

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