Although the 2023/24 ski season has not packed the same punch as the 2022/23 ski season, a handful of resorts have still seen above average snowfalls in great powder conditions. As you can see below on our unofficial list of the snowiest ski resorts of the year, ski areas in Utah have had a great ski season with a number of resorts landing on the top five snowy ski areas of this 2023 2024 ski season.

Unfortunately, other parts of the United States have experienced below-average snowfalls this ski season, particularly the East Coast and Midwest. Despite a monstrous late-season storm that blanketed Eastern ski resorts with up to three feet of snow, overall snowfall totals remained below average across the board.

With a few weeks of winter still ahead, now is an excellent time to book a last-minute spring ski trip. Seize the opportunity to enjoy the final days of the ski season before it’s time to store your skis for the summer.

Alyeska Resort, Alaska: 692″

Alyeska Resort in Alaska is a premier destination for skiing and snowboarding, offering expansive terrain across the Chugach Mountains. With breathtaking views and luxury accommodations, it caters to adventurous skiers, who are willing to make the track to AK for some phenomenal deep skiing.

Alta, Utah: 584”

Alta, Utah, is renowned for its exceptional powder skiing, attracting skiers from around the globe. Nestled in the Wasatch Mountains, its challenging terrain and abundant snowfall make it a paradise for skiers seeking pristine conditions. Alta’s commitment to skiing-only adds to its uniqueness and exclusivity.

Brighton Resort, Utah: 526″

Brighton Resort, nestled in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains, clinched the third spot for the most snow this season, thanks to its unique geographical position. This location attracts copious amounts of snowfall, resulting in exceptional powder days. Its diverse terrain benefits immensely, offering skiers and snowboarders consistently deep, fluffy snow, ideal for epic winter sports experiences.

Snowbird, Utah: 525″

Snowbird, Utah, is an exceptional ski area for powder enthusiasts, offering some of the best snow quality in the world. Its vast terrain features steep chutes and open bowls, consistently blanketed with light, fluffy snow. Ideal for advanced skiers, Snowbird’s challenging slopes and deep powder runs make it a paradise for those seeking an high quility skiing experience.

Solitude Mountain, Utah: 507″

Solitude Mountain Resort, distinct from Alta and Snowbird, welcomes both skiers and snowboarders, offering a more relaxed atmosphere with fewer crowds. Its diverse terrain caters to all skill levels, from gentle groomers to challenging bowls. Solitude emphasizes a family-friendly environment, providing a balanced mix of adventure and tranquility for a broader audience.

Image Courtesy of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort | Photographer Stephen Shelesky

Honorable Mention: Jackson Hole, WY 437″

Although Jackson Hole did not land itself on the top five snowy ski areas of the 2023, 2024 ski season this Wyoming ski area ended up with slightly above average snowfall on the year and comfortably within the top 10 snow ski areas in the United States the ski season.

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