There’s a pretty solid chance you’ve already heard of snow surfing (or powder surfing, or pow surfing). Much like snowboarding, the sport relies on just one board, but snow surf boards don’t have a way for you to lock your feet down. It’s pretty darn similar to the snurfing boards that helped to inspire the overall sport of snowboarding. Pow surfing boards are typically either solid or made with foam, but one company, Papersurf, is making them out of paper.

According to the product website, the paper boards are pretty light. Though it’s internals are made from paper, the top of the board has a satin matte silk finish, while the base is made with a hard gloss. Additionally, the board features wings and fins to allow for more control and maneuverability and a traction pad to maintain control. The paper material and the boards themselves are produced in Tibro, Sweden, by a company called PaperShell.

Paper sheets are made from cellulose pulp which comes from residual waste from the Swedish paper industry. This material would otherwise go unused and be incinerated to produce heat for example. Several sheets are pressed with many hundreds of tons pressure and heat together with a semi-cellulose binding material which is also a bi-product from the paper industry.” – Papersurf

The Paper Surf is currently sold out, but you can pre-order the 2024/25 Paper Surf with a down payment of just $48. This year’s board, the Paper Surf No. 1, went for $425.

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Image Credit: Papersurf via YouTube

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