“Starting with a simple jump off the cornice into a 60 degree slope. The steepest pitch you’ve ever been on.” –Teton Brown

Teton Brown was stewing for 5 years on an idea to take an already gnarly line in Grand Teton National Park to the next level before all the variables finally lined up and he could pull the trigger. This is no fall zone skiing:

“My favorite line of all time! The fin on Once is Enough Couloir. This is the steepest entrance to a ski line I’ve ever done, and requires full commitment right from the get go. I couldn’t have possibly got it in better conditions. The only thing that didn’t go exactly according to plan was getting completely blinded right before the first air of the double-out. In a moment, I decided to proceed with the line without vision, and trust my prior visualizations, and I came out of the cloud with just enough time to spot my landing and stomp. Skiing out around the giant slough cloud was pretty surreal as well.”

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