Plymouth, New Hampshire- Is the latest revival at Tenney the charm? It’s starting to seem like it, as the New Hampshire ski resort had its first full ski season of operations in nearly twenty years. For this offseason, Tenney Mountain is working on projects to improve its snowmaking and base lodge.

Their primary goal for next winter is to have comprehensive top-to-bottom snowmaking. Last offseason saw the revitalization of the snowmaking network around the Eclipse chairlift. For this offseason, they’re focusing on the Hornet Double side of the mountain. These projects will include new piping that will supply the top of the Hornet Double and the Upper Loop, new snowmaking guns that will replace the old diesel equipment, and the extension of their snowmaking trail coverage by adding piping.

They also plan to improve the lodge. They will add a new ski rental area, a ski school room, more locker spaces, and an expanded kitchen and cafe. The owner of Tenney Mountain planned to replace the lodge this offseason, but since the restaurant is a critical part of offseason operations, they are pushing this down the priority list.

If you want to check out Tenney this offseason, they have the Backcountry Bar & Grille, which features a diverse menu and a new disc golf course. Future summer activities include a new Gravity Logic mountain biking park, hiking trails, and a zipline.

Image Credits: Tenney Mountain Resort

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