Littleton, New Hampshire- Before this weekend, it had been a rough season for many Northeast ski hills, with a lack of snow leading to some not opening. That was until this weekend, as a significant snowstorm is currently hammering Northern New England with over a foot of snow in some areas.

This means that the volunteer-run Mt. Eustis Ski Hill has opened for the first time this season. The rope-tow-serviced ski hill is open for night skiing tonight (March 23rd) from 5-8 p.m. Tickets are only $5, but visitors must fill out a waiver before coming out.

First opened in 1939, Mt. Eustis is a convenient and affordable spot for the people of Littleton to ski. However, the ski hill closed in the 1970s and remained that way for decades. A group of locals began working on reviving the ski hill in the 2010s, leading to its reopening in 2015. The ski hill relies on natural snowfall, so it’s not open consistently each winter, meaning every opportunity to check out this place is worth the trip.

Update 3/24: It sounds like Saturday will be the only day Mt. Eustis operates this season, as they announced that yesterday was their opening and closing day.

Update 3/27: Or is it?

Image Credits: Mt. Eustis Ski Hill

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