Saudi Arabia is transforming its northwest region with a €461 billion ($500 billion) futuristic urban project named Neom, introducing an astonishing winter sports destination, Trojena, that defies the desert nation’s arid stereotype. Nestled in the Tabuk province, Trojena is set to be a marvel of both real and virtual architecture, offering 36 kilometers of ski slopes, and a man-made lake all within a sustainable, minimally invasive design ethos.

Trojena will operate as a ski resort for three months each year, utilizing natural cold temperatures close to Neom that dip below 0 degrees Celsius, enabling snow making. Outside of the winter season, the area will transform into a haven for water sports and mountain biking, capitalizing on its unique climate that is, on average, 10 degrees cooler than other parts of Saudi Arabia, with no humidity. This makes Trojena a year-round retreat for both adventure and relaxation.

In summer, the resort’s lake will become a focal point for swimming and various water sports, offering a cooling escape from the Gulf’s heat. The vision behind Trojena extends beyond just a seasonal ski resort; it aims to encapsulate the essence of a traditional mountain village within a single, integrated structure. This includes restaurants, luxury wellness spas, and several hotels ready to welcome guests by the project’s expected opening in late 2026 or early 2027.

About 7,000 residents will call Trojena home, living and working within this vertical village. This initiative is just one aspect of Neom, which also plans to introduce Sindalah, a luxury island in the Red Sea; OXAGON, a floating industrial metropolis; and THE LINE, a 170-kilometer-long linear city. With a goal to attract around 3.5 million tourists by 2030, Neom is set to become a global beacon of sustainable living and innovation, fully powered by clean energy and dedicating 95% of its territory to nature conservation. Already, rewilding efforts have reintroduced species like the oryx and ostrich, marking the beginning of this ambitious transformation.

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