Mistakes in the mountains can lead to some horrific consequences. Professional skiers constantly take some nasty tumbles and we, as an audience, rarely get to see a proper image of what those tumbles look like. Sure, we might see the clips of them tumbling down the mountain, but it’s pretty rare that we’ll get a first person point of view. Alexis Ferrera, based out of Val d’Aran in Spain, posted his point of view of a particularly nasty tumble from earlier this month.

Sometimes in the mountain we try to find our limits, I always say we have to get out of the comfort zone. On this occasion, due to a mismanagement error, I ended up making a series of decisions that led to this terrible downfall.” – Alexis Ferrera (translated by Instagram)

Fortunately Ferrera was physically fine after this fall, suffering only material damages, but it’s easy to see how it could have been a lot worse.

Luckily everything was a scare and there was only material damage. You learn from these situations as well.” – Alexis Ferrera (translated by Instagram)

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Image Credit: Alexis Ferrera via Instagram

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