GRAMAIS, Austria – If you’ve ever wanted to ski along side a pack of huskies, you should probably take a look at Basecamp Gramais. Unlike most guide services, this Austrian guide has several options for touring and skiing alongside a pack of huskies.

It seems pretty crazy, but, according to the website, these dogs are absolutely in love with the activity, and the guides know that it is their job to keep these dogs safe, ensuring that they aren’t entering any seriously risky terrain. The dogs aren’t just tagging along, either. The huskies pull the skiers up the mountain, expediting the ascent (they stay below the slope while the skiers ascend to the summit, giving them plenty of time to rest).

As with anything in the backcountry, this comes with risks, and the dogs aren’t yet able to wear any sort of avalanche beacons. But you can tell, based on the videos, that they just love being in the mountains and in the snow.

The husky winter ski touring ranges from €540 to €790, and can be paired with an overnight stay at Basecamp Gramais for an additional €65 (including breakfast). There’s also entire weekend options available, as well as other activities during the warmer seasons.

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Image Credit: Johannes Hinterseer via Instagram

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