Fascinating look into the science behind one of the most recognizable turns in the world of skiing. 2-time Olympic Gold medal winner and 5-time World Champion, Ted Ligety is renown for his trademark carving style that features very early, fast and high edge angles, and a smooth build up and rapid release of outside ski pressure:

“My hips are on the ground, you can pull a tighter radius, a tighter arc. You can go cleaner throughout the turn. That’s how you can make a faster time.”Ted Ligety

Ted teamed up with Carv, a ski sensor company that makes devices that fit in the footbed of a ski boot and take measurements from 36 sensors in each foot, 20 times a second. They spent 7 days in Sölden, Austria gathering data to deconstruct Ted’s turn and analyze what makes his turns so magic.

If you’re hoping to lay down turns like Ted don’t get your hopes up too high because as it turns out, recreating the racing legend’s turns is nearly impossible but there are valuable takeaways that even an average skier can benefit from. Learn more about Carv HERE:

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