Had to do a double take on the title of this Salt Lake Tribune article to make sure I was reading it correctly but yeah, Powder Mountain is increasing the prices of all their season pass offerings and in certain cases to an astronomical extent (860% is outta this world).

Here’s the highlights on the price increases:

-Seniors 75+ used to ski for free…now their pass will now cost $1,049

-Children 7-17 enrolled in the Weber/Cache County school system skied the entire season for $109….now passes will now cost $199 for kids ages 7-12 when paired with an adult pass and $699 without an adult.

-Teens 13-17 is the one with the headline grabbing price hike of 862%, who will now have to shell out $1,049 ski at PowMo

Good gracious, that is the kind of price spike that will get the people going. The Salt Lake Trib acted as a conduit of the collective shade thrown at PowMo’s socials since the changes in season pass prices and policies were announced. They gathered examples of public outcry and in some cases even Powder Mountain’s official response to online heat including this questionable pair of emojis to a comment on a video posted to Powder Mountain Instagram about upcoming season pass sales which had me scratching my head about who the heck is at the helm on their socials over there:

Totally understand ski resorts needing to change prices and policies over time but this response is just outwardly snide. Basically saying to kick rocks unless I’m mistaken. Not sure if the objective was to alienate locals but mission accomplished if it was. Uncool.

The article (WHICH I RECOMMEND YOU READ HERE) speaks for itself, so does the online chatter. Lots of longtime loyal customers kinda feeling priced out and stranded. We will continue to keep our eye on this developing story and update as more information becomes available.

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