Last week, Hickory Ski Center in Upstate New York was significantly affected by a warm spell due to the El Niño weather pattern. The ski center faces the possibility of not operating its lift again this winter unless there is substantial snowfall in March. Despite these challenges, there remains much optimism for this small, independent ski area.

Last November, Hickory Ski Center in Warrensburg, New York was at a crossroads. The popular Adirondack ski resort that the 10th Mountain Division veterans founded back in 1946 had not been open for business for eight years. Premium insurance payments were mounting, and they needed to pass a state inspection if they were ever going to start accepting guests again. The writing was on the wall, Hickory was in desperate need of a cash injection, or all hope was lost.

Tim Konrad, the founder of Unofficial Networks, caught wind of their plight and brought it to the attention of Erik Mogensen, director of the Indy Pass, Indy Pass and Unofficial Networks stepped in to provide financial support to the independent ski resorts that operate outside the corporate conglomerate structure that has come to dominate the ski industry in the last decade. With our combined support, Hickory made a triumphant return and reopened for the first time since 2015.

Seeing skiers and snowboarders return to the lifts, enjoying the 1200-foot vertical descent with breathtaking views of the Hudson River, brought us immense joy. The sight of visitors basking on the iconic red deck and gathering around the circular fireplace to warm up after a day on the slopes was truly heartwarming. Above all, witnessing a small business like Hickory make a triumphant return, offering exceptional services that bolster the local economy and create a welcoming community for skiers, was incredibly gratifying. Well done, Hickory!

Beyond just throwing out a financial lifeline in a time of need, Indy Pass has vowed to continue to offer their institutional knowledge to help streamline the Hickory’s operations in an effort to ensure they will continue to operate successfully for many years to come. The 24/25 Indy Pass goes on sale March 8 at $349 Adult / $199 Child until capacity is reached.”

Ski Hickory


The Indy Pass is revolutionizing access to independent ski resorts across North America. Launched to support smaller ski areas, the pass offers skiers and snowboarders an affordable way to explore a diverse array of slopes beyond the commercial giants. With over 100 participating resorts, it emphasizes value, variety, and the authentic charm of local ski communities. The Indy Pass caters to both families seeking gentle slopes and experts craving untouched glades, ensuring a welcoming experience for all levels. Its commitment extends beyond just lift access; it’s about nurturing the spirit of skiing and snowboarding, promoting sustainability, and bolstering local economies. By choosing the Indy Pass, enthusiasts not only enjoy extensive snow adventures but also contribute to the preservation of independent ski culture.


Hickory rises 1,200′ from the banks of the Hudson River and stirring views of the river are possible from most of the upper mountain. Gore Mountain, 20 minutes distant, is visible as well. Hickory is approximately 5-10 minutes off I-87, less than an hour north of Albany. It is only open on weekends (conditions permitting) and is home to the best mix of family and expert skiing in New York State. Its long glades and gentle learning terrain are a tremendous draw as its laid back atmosphere and community-run ambiance.

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