DONNER PASS, California – The desire for powder is a strong one. Maybe it’s hyped up, maybe it’s not. When people see powder forecasts at their favorite mountain, they start planning out how they’re going to get up there to be the some of the firs tin line, even if all of the forecasts say “stay off the road”. This past weekend, feet of snow was expected at the ski resorts of the Lake Tahoe area, and there were plenty of warnings to stay well away from the roads. Unfortunately, like in any major snowstorm, plenty of people decided not to listen.

Weather documentarian Jonathan Petramala got out into the storm, accessing Donner Pass and the roads around, to show the world exactly what it looks like when people fail to listen to the warnings. The 17-minute long documentary tells a fairly harrowing tale. Let this video be a warning to actually listen to the officials when a big storm is headed your way!

Experience the chaos in this short documentary showing first hand the impacts as a blizzard blankets Northern California, leaving hundreds stranded on Donner Pass I-80 for hours….Including US! Witness the harrowing scenes of snow piling feet high, trapping drivers in their vehicles overnight.

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Image Credit: Jonathan Petramala via YouTube

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