DENVER, Colorado – If you’re thinking about moving to the Denver area, you’d better consider whether or not you’re cool with extremely indecisive weather. There are warm and cold days, sure, but there are also warm and cold hours, and minutes, and seconds. One minute it’ll be perfectly sunny, the next it’s ripping massive balls of hail. Don’t believe me? Watch this video taken in Colorado earlier this week, highlighting just how crazy it can be.

Posted to TikTok by DeHuff Uncensored podcast, the video shows a timelapse of a driveway between 7:30am and 1pm. That’s right, just five and a half hours. Not much time at all. In that time, the driveway goes from perfectly dry and snowless (with some grass visible right next to it) to covered in at least an inch of snow, to near completely dry again. Most of the snow leftover was underneath a car, where shade was provided.


Sun. Snow. Sun. That’s Colorado weather for you. #weather #Colorado #snow #wtf #sunshine #timelapse

♬ Lovely Day – Bill Withers

Being a resident of the greater Denver area, and given that it was just earlier this week, I remember this day quite well. I left my house in the middle of a snowstorm, the roads were a good bit scary, and things were generally covered in white. When I left my place of work, the roads were back to normal. It was honestly a bit of a jarring experience, but that’s life with Colorado weather.

Image Credit: DeHuff Uncensored podcast via TikTok

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