This past weekend (and today) brought tons of snow across the western half of the United States, with California (obviously) being the big winner and the Rocky Mountains receiving a healthy leftover. So, now that’s it’s close to over, it’s time we look towards the future. Meteorologist Chris Tomer has a ten day forecast that’s sure to bring joy to plenty of skiers and snowboarders across the West.

On the West Coast, both Whistler and Mount Bachelor are forecasted to receive up to 39 inches of snowfall, while Mount Shasta is looking at 35″. The major resorts of California are getting a break from massive snowfall, with the Tahoe region expecting just 14″. Further into the United States, Jackson Hole and Grand Targhee are expected to receive right around 28 inches of snow, and several mountains throughout Colorado are forecasted at just around a foot.

Meteorologist Chris Tomer has spent the past 20 years forecasting mountain weather for skiers and climbers. Tomer combines his experience and knowledge in weather forecasting with his love for the outdoors, providing some of the best mountain weather forecasts for those hoping to plan around the weather for upcoming outdoor activities. You can find daily weather updates on both his YouTube channel and his blog.

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Image Credit: Chris Tomer via YouTube

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