WIDHAM, New York – This morning’s buzz is about Windham Ski Resort in upstate New York, now on the hunt for New York City talent that embodies the “SOHO Members Club Type” for a new social campaign. The exact interpretation of this vibe is open-ended, yet it aligns with the resort’s new direction.

Since its 1960 opening, Windham has been a favored Catskills retreat for Manhattan’s city dwellers seeking ski adventures. However, this season has seen some changes stirring at Windham, with details scarce and the resort’s FAQ section offering no clarity, leaving long-time visitors puzzled about the future.

The casting call suggests Windham aims to infuse the exclusive, stylish essence of a SOHO club into the Catskills. While no direct accusations are being made, a closer examination of the application on backstage.com may hint at the specific audience they’re aiming to attract.

Some have pointed out that both the casting for “Woman (40+)” and the “Man (40+)” leads are only for those of “White / European descent.”

Here is the advertisement for the casting as it appears on backstage.com:

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