KEYSTONE, Colorado – Patrollers at Keystone Resort in Colorado have announced a new push towards unionization, posting information related to the union to a new Keystone Ski Patrol Union Instagram account.

According to a video from the account, a unionization vote will be held in the coming weeks, requiring a majority of ski patrol staff to vote yes for the union to move forward. From there, an election for union representatives would be held and contract negotiations would begin.

Breckenridge ski patroller and Breckenridge Ski Patrol Union president Ryan Dineen is acting as the Keystone local union rep. Keystone ski patrol staff are encouraged to head to this Google Doc to ask any questions anonymously.

The Keystone Ski Patrol previously decided not to unionize in March of 2021, with the vote ending 34 for the union to 35 against the union. Nine ballots were contested, though the pro-union leaders chose not push the contention further and conceded a loss.

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Featured Image Credit: Keystone Resort via Facebook

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