WHITEFISH, Montana – The Whitefish Mountain Resort ski patrol has officially announced their intention to unionize via two Instagram posts shared over the past few days.

The Whitefish Mountain Resort Professional Ski Patrol (WMRPSP) is made up of 34 medical responders, avalanche mitigators, chair evacuators, and more. The group has collectively decided to move forward with unionization through the Professional Ski Patrols of America/CWA, joining a growing list of patrols to do so. Their reasoning for unionization includes a push towards fair compensation and a need for proper equipment.

  • “Ensure fair compensation for all of WMRPSP
  • Equip our patrollers with the gear needed for our demanding job
  • Provide paid opportunities for education
  • Create systems to improve the physical and mental health of all patrollers
  • Maintain a professional and supportive culture at WMR

Whitefish Mountain Resort is made up of 111 named trails over around 3,000 acres of terrain. Nearly 300″ of snowfall is expected over the mountain’s 2,353 vertical feet. While it’s unclear what discussions have happened between the resort and WMRPSP at this time, the group hopes to reach a mutual agreement that supports a strong patrol.

We are the Whitefish Professional Ski Patrol, and it’s nice to meet ya! We are the medical responding, avalanche mitigating, chair evacuating, dog handling, toboggan driving, bamboo placing, and fun bringing team of 34 people that work tirelessly everyday to keep our whole mountain community safe. Whether you are a long time local or first time visitor, we can’t wait to ski ya on the mountain!

Whitefish Mountain Resort Professional Ski Patrol’s full mission statement can be read here.


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Image Credit: Whitefish Ski Patrol via Instagram

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