Watch pro skier Drew Petersen rip down Rambo at Crested Butte, the steepest inbound tree cut ski run in North America.

Rambo at Crested Butte stands as one of the steepest ski runs in North America, with an intimidating 55-degree pitch that’s not for skiers adversely affected by high pitch angles. Crested Butte, located in Colorado, is known for its challenging terrain, and Rambo is the crown jewel for skiers seeking the steeps. Skiers must navigate moguls, thin coverage, and small trees. The run is also notorious for icy conditions and exposed rocks. Rambo is a testament to Crested Butte’s extreme skiing legacy, attracting the most seasoned and harden skiers from around North America.

If you’re not up for skiing Rambo yourself sit back and enjoy watching one of the top skiers in the game absolutely rip its face off.

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