“For those not familiar, each participant must finish the course within an hour and be in the starting area prior to the next lap start. The race is over once there is only one person left in the starting area and that person completes their final lap.”

RUMFORD, Maine — Tip of the cap to Justin Lagassey who was crowned the “The Last Skier Standing” after completing 76 uphill and downhill laps at Maine’s Black Mountain Ski Resort.

On Friday morning, 150 skiers lined up at the base of Black Mountain to for the first trip up and down Allagash Trail (1.5 miles/1,200 vertical) a task which had to be completed in under 1 hour. The rules were simple, just keep making that same trip till your “The Last Skier Standing” and you are the winner.

Justin Lagassey beat the field in what can only be described as 76 hour/91,200 vertical foot suffer-fest. Cheers to Justin who not only won the event but was a super supportive of his fellow competitors the entire time. What a dude! To check out the race from Justin’s perspective check out his Instagram coverage HERE:

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