BREZOVICA, Kosovo — Tragedy struck at the Ski Center in Brezovica, Kosovo, on Tuesday when a woman lost her life in an avalanche. The victim is believed to be pioneering telemark skier Kasha Rigby.

EuroNews Albania reports the victim, only identified as a 54-year-old foreign citizen, was pronounced dead following the incident, according to Kanun Veseli, the Police spokesperson for the Ferizaj region.

Authorities suspect the avalanche as the cause of the fatal incident.

“It is suspected that the cause of this incident was the slide of a snow avalanche. Police teams and rescue teams are there and we will notify you in time for other information.” –Kanun Veseli

The Kosovo Mountain Search and Rescue Service responded to a distress call on Tuesday afternoon from the area known as “Eagle’s Nest” within the ski center, a location notorious for its susceptibility to avalanches.

Initially, concerns were raised about two missing skiers in the fog, but after gathering more information, the focus shifted to the suspected avalanche area.

“The first information was about the loss of two skiers in the fog, but after collecting the information, the problem was identified and we started searching the suspicious area.” –The Kosovo Mountain Search and Rescue Service

Although rescue teams provided immediate medical assistance at the scene, they were unable to save the victim.

“After the evacuation of the body by the medical teams, the death of the skier, a foreign citizen, was verified.”

The Kosovo Mountain Search and Rescue Service urged caution to skiers, particularly when venturing off-piste, citing poor weather conditions.

Our thoughts are with Kasha’s family and friends.


It is with deep sorrow and heavy hearts that we inform you of the recent passing of Kasha Rigby, a beloved member of the skiing community and a cherished friend to many.

On the fateful afternoon of the 13th of February, at 2:30 pm local time, Kasha lost her life at Brezovica resort under overcast skies and in challenging weather conditions with a temperature of -2 degrees Celsius. The cause of her untimely departure was extreme trauma to the chest, resulting in massive internal bleeding and damage to her organs, particularly her lungs. This trauma occurred during a skiing incident on a 35-degree slope, where she was tragically caught in a small avalanche.

The avalanche, measuring approximately 25m x 10m, started at the cornice and led to a high-force collision with trees, crushing her between the avalanche and the trees. Despite the swift response of her skiing partner, Magnus, who reached her within 20 seconds and attempted resuscitation with CPR, Kasha’s injuries were too severe, and she passed away within seconds.

This heartbreaking incident unfolded near the top where Kasha dropped in, triggering the avalanche that ultimately led to her tragic fate. She was found between two trees, and the shock and sorrow of the event are still reverberating within our community.

Please join us in keeping Kasha’s family, friends, and loved ones in our thoughts during this incredibly challenging time.

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