Rocky Mountains, CO – An Update from the Colorado Avalanche Information Center – CAIC gives some alarming information about the weak snowpack in Colorado.

“So far in February, 11 people have been caught in avalanches–on average that’s one person caught in an avalanche every day through yesterday. Of the 11 caught, 6 people were partially buried, 2 people fully buried, and, tragically, one person was killed. These images show a rider-triggered avalanche on Red 2 that caught two people on Sunday, February 11 near Red Mountain Pass. That avalanche happened on their second lap and until that point, there had been no signs of instability. This slide was near treeline on a westerly-facing slope where the snowpack is more shallow. It broke on a melt-freeze crust that developed before the last storm.

Right now, the bulk of the forecast map is yellow, indicating the avalanche danger is MODERATE (2 of 5) throughout most of Colorado. Remember, MODERATE avalanche danger means that natural avalanches are unlikely while human-triggered avalanches remain possible–avalanches are especially possible where the snowpack is more shallow. Carefully evaluate the snow and terrain to identify and avoid features of concern. Get the forecast at”

Needless to say, stay safe out there and be mindful of the unstable snowpack in the Rocky Mountains.

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