Moose are no strangers to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, but they aren’t typically seen galloping down the slopes like this. Rumor has it that he was trying to beat the Après-ski rush at the Mangy Moose Restaurant and Saloon.

In videos shared to ABC News by the GM of Vic Canever Chevrolet, Kenny Rynearson, Alex Momot, and Billy Fohey, a moose is seen sprinting down the slopes of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Moose do not typically run unless they feel threatened, which seems like a plausible scenario in this situation, as skiers and snowboarders were likely darting past the creature. The continued filming by the person in front of the moose was probably not a wise move to de-escalate the situation. The moose eventually veered off, leading to no injuries.

If a moose charges at you, it’s advised by Alaska Fish & Game to run, as they don’t typically chase people for a long distance. If the moose continues to chase you, hide behind something like a tree or a boulder until the moose passes. If you are physically attacked by one, it’s best to curl up and use your hands to protect your head.

ABC’s Good Morning America gave a deeper dive into the situation, which you can watch below.

Image/Video Credits: ABC News (GM of Vic Canever Chevrolet, Kenny Rynearson, Alex Momot, Billy Fohey), Good Morning America

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