Winter sports almost always go hand in hand with heavy burning of gasoline, whether it’s the snowcat rides, helicopters, snowmobiles, or just the drive to the trailhead. Skiers, snowboarders, and other enjoyers of the winter weather are in no way guilt free of contributing to the changing climate.

But there seems to be a certain type of ignorance surrounding the impact these sports can have. Watch any ski movie made in the last five years and there’s a good chance they’ll say something about saving the climate. They might say something about how the movie production was carbon neutral, or they might show some work that they’re actively doing to protect a piece of land or an animal, but they usually fail to mention the actual impact the creation of the movie had, and those movies often use quite a lot of gas.

So are skiers and snowboarders all a bunch of hypocrites? How to we acknowledge the impact and continue to partake in and enjoy the sports we love? Can we really put blame on the individual skiers and snowboarders? Those are the questions that Teton Gravity Research’s film THE HYPOCRITE, featuring professional skier Amie Engerbretson, seems to be answering.

“The story is masterfully woven through the perspective of a professional skier, confronting the complex interplay between advocating for change and relying on fossil fuels for athletic pursuits. The film aspires to foster unity and collaboration within the outdoor community, transcending perceived hypocrisy and feelings of not fitting in. It aims to dismantle the culture of individual blame and guilt, focusing instead on the systemic shifts required to pave the way for a sustainable future. By erasing the boundaries that label individuals as hypocrites, the narrative invites viewers to recognize the urgent need for collective action and change”

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Image Credit: Teton Gravity Research via YouTube