Mount Bohemia is undoubtedly in the running to be named the King of Great Ski Pass Deals. With a $99 season pass, $172 two year pass, and a $1299 lifetime pass, few resorts come anywhere near what could be considered competition.

As if a $99 season pass wasn’t enough, Mount Bohemia is now offering a free season pass to those who sign up three new season pass holders during the resorts November 22-December 2 sale. That’s right, you have the opportunity to get your hands on a pass for absolutely no cost, you just need to get some family members or friends to sign up.

Additionally, those who register three new pass holders will have a chance to win a whole boatload of prizes, including a lifetime season pass to Mount Bohemia, a full Epic Pass, a seven day ski trip to Italy, and a set of Bose noise cancelling headphones.

Those who wish to participate in the deal can do so by submitting three names to this contact form. You’ll be asked to submit three or more names and phone numbers of new pass holders that you know (if you submit random people that you’ve never talked to, you’ll be disqualified from the competition). If two people submit the same name, only the first person will get credit, so act before your friends act!

Names are due by 11:30pm ET on Wednesday, November 29. Any names submitted after that will not be considered. Keep in mind, first time buyers must be purchasing their pass during the November 22-December 2 sale. Make sure they know that, or you won’t get credit!

Also, in order for you to earn the free season pass, you must first hold a season pass! Buy your season pass during the sale and successfully register three names for the competition, and your purchase will be refunded once the names are confirmed.

With the help of a few family and friends, you can rip the expert terrain of Mount Bohemia for absolutely no cost at all. BUY HERE.