Hey Coloradan’s, doesn’t it feel like the states been… lacking something throughout the last month? After an incredibly wet summer, it’s felt like quite a darn dry fall, no? Sure, there’s been a few storms here and there, and the front range got its first major snowfall of the year just a few weeks ago, but it still feels like there hasn’t been much of the white stuff touching down yet, right?

This isn’t some huge revelation. We’ve all been feeling it, especially the skiers and snowboarders in the area. It’s kind of dreary here, despite several resorts spinning lifts throughout the state. Well 9News meteorologist Cory Reppenhagen is here to tell us, Colorado’s snowpack is already well below average:

So yeah, the state snowpack is currently 46% below average. It’s actually the lowest the snowpack has been on November 10th in seven years. That kinda sucks, right? Plus we’re not expecting any snow until at least Thursday of next week, even in the mountains. The good news is that the last time we had a dry November, in 2017, the state finished the winter above average in terms of the snowpack.

Maybe that means good things, maybe it means bad things. I’d like to hope that our first major storm will be a big one, kicking off the true snow season with a massive snowstorm across all of the mountains. Yeah, that’d be nice. But for now we’ll just have to wait and hope that things get better.

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Image Credit: 9News via YouTube