Most kids love animals. You stick a toddler near a fluffy animal of any sort, and they’re gonna want to touch it. Parents, on the other hand, might be a bit more uneasy about the idea of their kid getting close to some animals, like huge moose, as one example…

I don’t think any parent wants to drop their kid off at school when there’s a giant moose standing between the car and the door, but who knows? It could fun!

Special visitor in the Naquag Elementary School drop-off line this morning!” – Rutland MA Police Department

Students at Naquag Elementary School in Rutland, Massachusetts, were given quite a show with this moose wandering through their drop-off line on Monday, October 30. The moose left the scene shortly after it was photographed.

Apparently the moose even followed the rules of the road, crossing on the crosswalk when departing the school grounds. What a great way to teach kids about road safety? “You see kids? This enormous mammal knows how to safely cross the road. You can do it do!”

Honestly though, this must have been such a cool experience for the children. Hopefully one of the teachers was planning to teach about the large mammals of North America at some point this week! There are few better ways to get kids excited about a topic!

Rutland Police remind people to stay safe around moose, specifically stating to never approach the wild animals.

Never try to approach or pursue a moose. Pursuit not only stresses the animal, but it adds the risk of having a moose chased out into traffic or into a group of bystanders. Wildlife professionals recommend letting the moose find its way out of populated areas and into nearby forested areas.

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Image Credit: WCVB Channel 5 Boston