Introducing the TGR x Goose “Ski Red Rocks” music video and capsule collection. Inspired by the iconic music venue & the band’s passion for skiing, TGR & Goose are celebrating the sold out two-night run with a new music video and capsule collection.”

If there’s one “genre” of music that fits the “ski bum vibe” the most, it’s the glorious noises of jam bands. Maybe that’s just because I listen to a lot of that, maybe it’s just because my friends listen to a lot of that. Plenty of other genres have been associated with the sport of skiing, but it feels like the Grateful Dead and other jammy groups have become a staple of the slopes.

With Goose becoming one of the biggest names in the jam band scene over the past few years, it really was just a matter of time before they became associated with some sort of ski video, and it’s absolutely no surprise to see that the video was created by Teton Gravity Research.

Oh yeah, and they dropped a killer clothing line to go along with the video. Make sure to check that out before it sells out.

Blurring the lines between dreams and reality, “Ski Red Rocks” features the Goose song, Seekers on the Ridge Part I, from their Red Rocks performance on August 18, 2022.

TGR is always putting out some darn good ski films and videos. Their yearly films, like this year’s Legend Has It, are usually remarkable. But my personal favorite project they’ve ever done has to be Fire On The Mountain, their 2019 video dedicated to the music of the Grateful Dead and remarkable skiing. Sweet tunes and sick lines. Nobody does it quite like Teton Gravity Research.

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Image Credit: Teton Gravity Research via YouTube

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