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It was made public today that Silverton Mountain has changed hands and there are new owners at the home of the iconic ski area. From Facebook:

Silverton Mountain is receiving new owners. We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of our wonderful guests, our supportive local community and our truly amazing team of employees that have been a part of our lives the past 24 years. It’s been an honor and a pleasure being a part of something so amazing that could not have happened without YOUR involvement and support!

Jen and I are going to enjoy being able to focus on family, but are emotional and excited at the same time for the future of Silverton Mountain. Andy Culp CEO and Brock Strasbourger President of Heli Adventures Inc will be taking the reins moving forward and the mountain is in good hands. Andy and Brock have a strong passion for skiing and Silverton and promised us they would be keeping our AMAZING team in place, as they look forward to continuing to provide that special Silverton Mountain experience well into the future.

You can still find Jen and I guiding in Alaska and will continue to own and operate @silvertonmountainguides (SMG AK) where we enjoy providing the premier Alaska heli skiing experience October through May each season since 2008.

For more details see the link to article.

-Aaron and Jen Brill

We have known Andy and Brock for many years, and we know they will do a great job as the new owners of Silverton. Congratulations!

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