You know that we’re getting close to ski season when the new trail maps begin to drop. The latest ski resort to do this was Big Sky in Montana, which is one of the largest in North America.

These new maps are still in the classic James Niehues’ painted style, but they have made a few modifications. This new trail map is kind of a big deal for a couple of reasons…

The first reason is due to the new Lone Peak Tram. While the new location of the base terminal was already confirmed by Big Sky, this map gives you an idea of how to reach it from various points of the mountain. The old base terminal’s location was in the midst of the Upper Middle Star trail. The new tram’s base terminal is adjacent to the Jay Walk and the top of the Crazy Horse pistes.

Getting to the new tram is now much easier. Beforehand, you had to take a ride up to Swift Current 6, ski to the Powder Seeker 6, then shred over to the tram. Now, you only need to ride the Swift Current 6, and then ski to the new base terminal.

The second reason is the introduction of advanced intermediate terrain, also known as double blues. According to Big Sky, this “increased specificity gives skiers more confidence when making terrain decisions and navigating the mountain.” This has allowed to make previously easy trails like Safari and El Dorado, which have steep headwalls, into intermediate runs. Trails like Elk Park Ridge, Ambush, Congo, and White Witch are now classified as double blues. For the 2023-24 season, around 15% of the terrain is designated as advanced intermediate.

We’ve included photos of the new trail maps below, but for a more thorough look, check out Big Sky’s mountain maps page here.

Image Credits: Big Sky Resort

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